Experiencing Silver Dollar City


Ria Chen


Silver Dollar City is located in Branson, MO. It is one of the most visited theme parks in Missouri. I have been there twice, the first time is with my host family and the last time is with some other friends from church.

My Top 3 rides

Time Traveler Opens at Silver Dollar City

The first ride will definitely be the Time Traveler. It is the roller coaster that your seat will spin during the ride, I really like it because you’ll never know which side are you gonna face, sometimes you face the ground when it drops, while sometimes you’re seeing the sky when it drops. I was screaming from the beginning until the end, it was so much fun, especially going with the people you enjoy being with.

The second I’d say is Wild Fire, it’s kind of like Time Traveler that has high and crazy trails, which I really like, but the only difference I guess is the seat won’t spin while the ride. My friends and I love to sit in the front seat, especially in the first row, because there’s nothing in front of you, you’ll get to see the whole view and feel the strongest wind, which made me can barely open my eyes.

The third will be Mystic River Falls, I heard it’s a new ride there but not quite sure, I played it last time when I went with my friends, I think it’ll definitely be better if we go there in the summer again because the water was freezing cold and nobody brings extra clothes to change 🙂

It’s fun to ride with a whole bunch of people, there are 8 seats in a boat total, and the thing we like to do is guess who’ll be the wettest person after it, sadly I was that person last time. Also the other cool thing is they have an elevator for those boats, which will ship you into the sky, like really high, and then put you on the water slide, isn’t that cool!


I have been to the Six Flags in St. Luis and the one in Texas, it just took so long to wait in line, but I kind of feel like it didn’t take that long both times when I went to Silver Dollar City, although there were a lot of people, I’d say most of the rides there don’t take too long to wait for, which is important because I don’t like spending most of the time in line, guess nobody like it lol.

Also there are many buildings like museums, playgrounds, and stores besides the rides, which you can go see around when you get tired of the rides, or take some pics, they have a lot of beautiful views and structures there!


I think it was a little upsetting is some rides didn’t open when the first time we got there, I guess it was because that day was windy and rainy, so then we weren’t able to ride them, which I heard they’re really great. I can’t think of there’s anything I dislike or do not enjoy, I guess maybe the food isn’t as good as the restaurant outside but it doesn’t matter because the point is those rides 🙂

Another thing I’d say is the car riding because it takes about three hours from Jeff to Branson, I don’t like being in the car too long at all, it gets boring really quick, and also it isn’t comfy to sleep in the car. But anyway good things always come hard, we got to be through the car ride process to get to have fun there.