Have you ever tried Mexican candy?

Have you ever tried Mexican candy?

Deniz Ortiz

I love Mexican candy they are just so good and they have so many flavors to them like spicy, sweet, and sour.  Now here are my friends and they are going to tell you their favorite Mexican candy.

Veron Mango Lollipop

Bianca V – “My favorite Mexican candy is the Vero mango lollipop because it’s both sweet and spicy.  The center is sweet and fruity and the coating is a spicy chili.”


Lucas Salsagheti

Sinai L – “My favorite Mexican candy is Lucas salsagheti because I like the spiciness and the sweetness combined.  And the extra flavor with the spicy sweet sauce that comes with the candy.”



Pelon Pelo Rico 

Princess V – “My favorite Mexican Candy is probably the Pelon Pelo Rico. I’s so cute and pushing his hair out makes the candy so much better.”



Luis A – “My favorite Mexican candy is the cachetada candy because it tastes so good and if you freeze it gives it a natural crunch it’s also fun cause it’s a struggle to make a lollipop.”


Adriana J – “My favorite Mexican candy is the Rockaleta lollipop it’s so good I love that there are different layers of flavors and it looks like the sun.”