Calvin’s Collection


Mariah Lewis

Calvins Collection is a business Capital City High School’s Entrepreneurship class runs. Though the company will be sadly closing on April 30 you still have time to get their products while they last! As of now, you can buy their super cool Capital City Crewnecks and Fun summer t-shirts. The T-shirts come in 2 fun colors, purple and blue. Each also has an amazing beach design on the back, and the simple (but fun) quote “Keep it simple” on the front, the shirts run for only $15 dollars, and That’s a great deal!

Is Fabric your thing? Luckily Calvin’s Collection T-shirts have variety. Both colors have gained lots of popularity, purple for its cool color, and Blue for its soft styled fabric. This way you can get the style that matches you or even both to match different outfits.

Still want a Crewneck, but you think it’s too late! You’re in luck, though the company is officially out of some sizes you can still check into room 211 during 1st block to grab some of the sizes they have left!