Must Have Sims 4 Expansion Packs!


Mariah Lewis

Hey, Sims 4 player! Looking for a cool expansion pack that you saved up all of your money to get? This is the article for you, I’m going to be giving you my opens on expansion make that are actually worth the money and will be a great addition to your gameplay.

Growing Together-

Starting off with our newest addition to the family ‘Growing Together’. This expansion pack focuses more on family and friend relationships. With this expansion pack you get more real-life experiences, and sims can now experience life milestones! From the first missing tooth to first love, your sim can now cannon-ly build stories and progress their history. Sims can now build family bonds either positive or negative. The pack also gives a new series of traits. There are also new items like, treehouses, an infant playmat, new bikes, sleeping bags, etc. Lastly, there are new events like, slumber parties, family reunions, and baby showers!


It’s Spring but it’s almost Summer! This expansion pack is a must-have! Add this realistic touch to your game, not only does the pack come with the 4 seasons and a new map but also the holidays that come with them, The Lottery, TV Season Premiere, Neighborhood Brawl, Prank Day, New Skill Day, Rebate Day, Love Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Etc. Holidays come with seasonal activities. And now in correlation to the weather also natural disasters.

Cats & Dogs- 

Are you an animal person? Well, this is perfect for you, of course it’s not horses and bears but instead cute furry house pets. Cats and dogs come with a brand new world and another job option for your sim. Sims can now become vets and even own their own clinics. The cats and dogs are fully customizable just like regular sims, imprint cool patterns into your pet’s fur, and make cool different breads. This pack is great for extending your Sims family.

City living- 

Tired of buying an expensive house just for one single sim living alone, I got a great pack for you! Get a small one-bedroom apartment or giant penthouse that olds 8. Inside apartments are customizable and all have different layouts. The different cities have different fun activities like museums or karaoke. Explore new dishes at food stands and enjoy fun festivals hosted in the center of the city. Lets your sim have fun playing basketball with other sims or compete in the ‘Geek-cons’ hackathon.