Prom Themes


Bianca Vargas

Many students already had their school prom, but for others it’s just around the corner. The big question is always “What is the theme for prom?“ With that being said the theme for the 2023 Capital City High School prom is Great Gatsby!!!

List of other amazing prom themes:

Fire and Ice:
Decoration would consist of red and blue decorations, possibly a photo booth with a fire and ice background. If we want to get picky about music and dress code, the music should be upbeat and energetic to keep the party going. A suggested dress code would be to dress in red, blue, or white to match the theme.

Moulin Rouge:
This theme is uncommon but it will be filled with lots of red ad black decorations and if you want to be extra why not add a windmill or two. French or upbeat pop music that will keep the energy high, and a suitable dress code would be to dress in red, blue, or white.

Starry Night:
A beautiful night, filled with lots of twinkling lights and star decorations. Some slow and romantic will set the mood for a magical night. The dress code would be black, white or silver to match the sky.

Medieval Masquerade:
Lots of gold, white and purple decorations, maybe even a castle backdrop. Some classical or medieval inspired music that will transport you back in time. The dress code would be to wear a medieval inspired mask to match the theme.

Enchanted Forest:
Decoration being a lot of greenery and woodland decorations filled with flowers, why not go all out and add a tree. Add some ambient music that will create a magical atmosphere. Dress code is to dress in light tone colors.

Have an amazing prom!