CCHS Theater Club Holds Auditions for Upcoming Play

The Cast of “Muder on the Orient Express” is announced


Katelyn Smith

On October 8th, Thespians at Capital City auditioned for their desired role in this winter’s school play. The Theater Club has decided to produce “Murder on the Orient Express”; a contrast to their lighter and more comical play produced last year, “The Curious Savage”. The cast list has been posted on the doors of the Black Box and is linked at the end of this article. If a student missed the audition but still wishes to participate in this play production, there are still positions open to join the crew. The most requested position at the moment is stage crew; these crewmates specialize in building and moving sets. To join, students can contact Mrs. LeCure either in person or by email.

Students can also support the club through fundraisers or donations. The club is planning on selling candy and is looking into different merchandise. And they are always accepting costume donations; however, this excludes street-wear and heavily worn costumes. 

Rehearsals for the play started after school on October 15th, with the casts’ first table read. While at rehearsals, everyone is expected to follow the typical social distancing protocol; wearing masks, staying 6 feet apart, etc.  When asked about advice to give to the cast for the first rehearsal, Alyssa Loughridge, Club President and Stage Manager said, “Read your script before you come to rehearsal. Always know what the show is about before the first practice.” 

The Cast of “Murder on the Orient Express” work together at their first table read of the show.

The performance is expected to occur at the end of January but this is still a tentative date. The same guidelines will be the expectation for the audience during the performance with mask-wearing and spaced out seating. However, the club is always willing to adapt their protocol to fit the safety needs of their cast and audience.

To stay up to date with the Capital City Theater Club Announcements you can find their Instagram Page (@cap_city_theatre), Facebook Page (@capcityhstheatre), and Twitter Page (@TheatreCchs).

Murder on the Orient Express Cast and Crew List