My first and last Prom


Remi Taniguchi

Prom is everyone’s dream. I have been wanting to experience like Prom since I was in Japan.

The dream finally came true to me last Saturday!!

The prom went from 7 pm to 10 pm, so I went over to my friend’s house to prepare for it together. We had already gotten very excited at that point.

After getting ready, we met up on our dates. We went to the Capital and took pictures. There were a bunch of beautiful people there.



At the Governor’s garden, Ria and I have a specific spot to take a picture of us every time.

We took the pictures here when Homecoming and Sadies too!

After getting dinner, we arrived to prom

It was not in the gym, but in the Commons Area, and I really loved that. I felt more free there than being in the gym. And decoration was super cute and wonderful.

I met my awesome friends and took some pictures with them. Those are my treasures forever.

One of my favorite parts was the food. There was popcorn, brownies, and other delicious food.


These are my special and unforgettable experiences.  I’m really glad to have gotten there and had fun with my wonderful people.