New Apex Legends Season Update


Bobby Turner

Apex Legends, the popular free-to-play battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment, has recently launched its highly anticipated Season 17, bringing with it a wave of exciting updates and features. This latest season introduces a revamped rank system designed to enhance competitive gameplay and a dynamic new legend with unique abilities that are set to shake up the meta. The changes were much needed and I am appreciating the game more and more as the games continue into this season.


First off, In response to community feedback and to provide a more engaging ranked experience, Apex Legends Season 17 introduces significant changes to the game’s rank system. The new system offers players a more streamlined progression and more accurate matchmaking, ensuring fairer and more balanced competitive matches. Many other players including myself have struggled with queuing issues getting put into lobbies that have players with extremely prestigious ranks.


One notable change to this issue is the introduction of the “Elo-based” rank system, which assigns players a skill rating based on their performance. This rating determines their position in a tiered ranking structure, consisting of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Apex Predator. This update aims to create a more rewarding and challenging experience, encouraging players to strive for higher ranks while competing against opponents of similar skill levels. Which turns the game on its side because in the previous seasons ranked points or RP has been awarded through kills, now this season focuses more on team participation and placements; two factors that you would expect to be paramount in a battle royale.


Additionally, the new season implements a series of rank-specific rewards to motivate players further. Exclusive weapon skins, character cosmetics, and badges await those who climb the ranks, offering a tangible symbol of their achievements. Unfortunately ranked based badges will be removed from the future since devs also did away with ranked splits.

Another dynamic change added into Season 17 is the introduction of a dynamic new legend, Ballistic, who brings a fresh playstyle to the Apex Games. Born from Respawn Entertainment’s commitment to diversifying the roster, Ballistic possesses a set of unique abilities that are poised to revolutionize team strategies and individual gameplay.

Tactical: Whistler – Ballistic’s first ability allows them to shoot a tracking bullet that will overheat an enemies gun if shot too much and this causes damage to the player. This ability provides an aggressive edge to battles, granting Ballistic the upper hand in specific combat situations.

Passive: Sling – The second ability bestowed upon Ballistic gives him the ability to store a third weapon; the only caveat is that the weapon cannot have any additional attachments. Late game when ammo is slim or looting boxes is more difficult. I can see this ability being very useful, and in my opinion the best gun to take this spot would be the wingman, since it’s both light on ammo and powerful stock with no attachments.

Ultimate: Tempest – Ballistics ultimate is honestly a game-changer. When activated, teammates get faster reload speeds, armed movement speed, and infinite ammo. This ability turns your entire squad into a force to be reckoned with, potentially turning the tide of battles and securing victories This ultimate is very strong and one of the best out right now and I do expect some sort of nerf.


By introducing Ballistic, Respawn demonstrates their commitment to constantly evolving the game and maintaining a diverse roster of legends. The addition of Ballistic’s unique abilities is set to spark new strategies, team compositions, and play styles within the Apex Legends community. I’m already having a lot of fun playing him in Pubs and Mixtape.

Apex Legends Season 17 presents an exciting array of updates, including a revamped rank system that offers a more rewarding and balanced competitive experience. The introduction of Ballistic adds a new dynamic to the roster, allowing players to explore fresh strategies and playstyles. As the season unfolds, it will be intriguing to witness how players adapt to these changes and embrace the new legend’s abilities to dominate the Apex Games. Just be prepared for intense battles and extreme sweaty lobbies as this new season unfolds!