The Jefferson City Pumpkin Experience

A look into the local Fischer Farms


Sophia Bruce

Fall is in the air! Leaves are decorating the ground and pumpkin spice lattes are a must. There are many fall activities starting up, whether it’s jumping in leaf piles, eating candy apples, or watching a favorite Halloween movie, autumn for some people is their favorite time of year. 

One activity I highly recommend that captures “all that is fall,” is taking a trip to Fischer Farms in north Jefferson City. Fischer Farms is a perfect place to get away from our small town, and experience fall with friends and family members. 

Fischer Farms is more than just your typical pumpkin patch. They offer tons of playground-esque activities like huge slides into large sandboxes, big swings, ziplines, large hamster barrels that you can run in, hayrides around the pumpkin and sunflower farm, and an open barn where you can look at baby pigs, chicks, chickens, and multiple horses. The farm also features concessions, souvenirs, and pumpkin and flower shopping. 

“Fischer Farms was a great get away activity to do with my friends. The farm was beautiful, and there were never moments that we were bored, there were always activities that we could do. My favorite part of the farm was the corn maze, it was really fun to just run around and try to get out successfully. My other favorite part of the farm was the apple cider, it was delicious and was really affordable. Fischer Farms definitely put me in the fall mood. ” said Zoe Scrivner. 

Fischer Farms is doing a great job accommodating for COVID guidelines. As soon as you walk up to the entrance, a big sign stands in front informing all that entering the farm is at your own risk, and if you aren’t comfortable around crowds you should probably not attend Fischer Farms activities. Not only is there a huge sign at the entrance, there are multiple little signs around the farm that use play on words, such as “keep pumpkins six feet apart!” Additionally, there is an outdoor hand washing station that is open for use.  

Fischer Farms is extremely affordable for not only entrance fees, but concession prices and pumpkin prices. The entrance fee was seven dollars, and small pumpkins were only two dollars and fifty cents each. A cup of cider is only a dollar, as well as many other fall drinks offered. Fischer Farms is located at 1905 Mokane Road in northern Jefferson City, and operates from Friday through Sunday each weekend.

The farm is beautiful, surrounded by big bluffs, large cornfields, pumpkins, and sunflowers and a great excursion for friends and family members. It captures what fall is truly about; friends, family, and pumpkins.