Autumn Traditions: What CCHS Students Love Doing for the Fall Season

Michelle Branson

Everyone loves traditions: Whether they’re fall traditions like roasting pumpkin seeds or summer traditions like heading to the lake with your family, here are some fun traditions that you might just want to try this autumn.

I went around CCHS and asked four students what some of their autumn traditions were, and if we are being honest, they each gave me some pretty unexpected answers.

Justin Yacob, Sophomore

  • Corn maze 
  • Starbucks pumpkin spice coffee 
  • Family outfits 
  • Scary movies 
  • Day after Halloween buying candy on discount

Haylee Foley, Junior

  • Corn maze 
  • Pumpkin carve 
  • Scary movies
  • Spooky music
  • Hot tea
  • Leaf jumping 
  • Autumn rituals 
  • Nature walks 
  • Jogs 
  • Bonfires
  • Halloween

Roan O’Donnell, Sophomore

  • Pumpkin spice popcorn (home made) 
  • Caramel candy (home made) 
  • Make a costume
  • Renaissance Festival
  • Bath and body works 
  • Make a Halloween playlist  
  • Scary movies     

Mekhi Dennison, Sophomore

  • Corn maze 
  • Reaper tag                                                    
  • Hay rides
  • Family pumpkin carving then throwing the pumpkins off the roof 
  • Eight teams of four races
  • Cookies 

In conclusion there are a ton of traditions and things you could do and try this autumn, like making homemade treats or testing your creativity. Have a good and safe season everyone!