History Behind Halloween


Crystal Samuels

Everyone is familiar with candy, trick or treating, costumes, and decorations- what’s not to like? Kids and most adults around the world don’t know much behind what really happens every October 31st, but fear not, strap in for a history lesson.

About 2000 years ago, the holiday we know today as “Halloween” was associated with not only the eeriness of human death, but also found meaning in being the day that marked the end of summer. Originally this celebration of the day happened at the Samhain (pronounced Sow-in) religious festival.

This festival, having originated in what is now Ireland, was originally held to ward off ghosts. Over time though, new traditions like barn fires and parades, and dressing up like angels and demons became popular. 

Today, this generation tends to follow others’ leads. Sophomore Tiange’ Thompson was asked, “What does Samhain mean to the world?” She quickly replied, “I don’t know.” Considering Samhain being the cause of Halloween, this word should be synonymous with this time of year.

Sophomore Kendall Youngblood was asked what she generally thinks about when it comes to Halloween, and she said, “All we know about Halloween is spirits and dressing up to get candy.” Sophomore Jada Thomas was asked if she knew the reason behind dressing up, “Just to look fun and cute.” 

Halloween was supposed to stay a religious holiday but soon got discovered spreading throughout the world. Halloween history should be taught and we should be familiar with what we are celebrating.