Athlete Feature: Kennedy Schanuth

Around the horn with CC Junior Kennedy Schanuth

Kalynn Meineker

With the Capital City softball season having recently come to an end, saying the girls had an amazing year would be an understatement. The Cavs improved significantly on their 2019 season (having finished 7-17); this year CC made it to a second round of District play and finished the 2020 season 20-7 overall.

Much of this improvement can be contributed to the great amount of time the team spent improving their skills on and off the field. Cavalier catcher, Kennedy Schanuth, said “Teamwork to me is the most important thing in softball. If you try to do everything yourself, you won’t succeed.”

Schanuth is a Junior at CCHS and he dedication to softball is admirable. “Softball is what my whole life revolves around.” She further explained that other than focusing on her academics, softball was her main focus during the fall. She always strived and worked hard to achieve her goals. “I felt so accomplished with myself,” she says when referencing her biggest achievement of the year, “Hitting my first home run was the best feeling the world.”

When playing a sport, you can never count on the scores of a game coming out in your favor. All you can do is work hard, play hard, and believe in your team. With that comes true success. “Winning is a really good feeling but in order to learn something, you have to take some losses as well,” Schanuth says. She explains that winning isn’t everything, and that taking losses is what makes you stronger, it’s what guides you to improvement. 

When asked if Schanuth believes the team as a whole has improved she said, “Yes, I believe our confidence in ourselves boosted a lot this year. The freshmen have played a huge role in that. They were up and ready to step in when us older girls needed them.” 

Being persistent, determined, and active learners out on the field were some of the teams core values, and with this hard work and dedication comes reward.  “We have a lot to be proud of this year. Even though we lost our second round in District play, I’m just really happy for the whole team. We came together this season and became selfless for one another.”