New Teacher Feature: Mr. Ben Smythe

One of Capital City’s newest social studies teachers


Marci Peters

Mr. Ben Smythe is a new history teacher at CCHS. He grew up in the O’Fallon (about 30 miles from St. Louis) and graduated from Timberland High School in Wentzville. While at Timberland, Smythe was a part of an organization called Link Crew; this program matched freshmen with juniors and seniors who mentored them through the first year of high school. He also competed in track and field his senior year.

After high school, he went to St. Charles Community College for two years and earned an Associates Degree, then earned a Bachelors Degree in History and a Masters Degree in Education from Truman State University in Kirksville, MO.

Inspiration to become a teacher occurred at a young age for Smythe, having first thought about the career at the age of seven. He wanted to give back to his community so he decided to become a teacher. He always wanted to teach high school because he believes that it’s a greats level where history can unlock different skills. When asked what he likes about teaching history he said, “I like seeing students make connections between the past and the present day. When they ask questions that get everyone to think about what we are learning and how it impacts them are some of the best parts of teaching. Those discussions help them to see how history matters and why we need to study it and I enjoy those moments.” 

When asked why he chose to apply to be a teacher at Capital City, Mr. Smythe said, “The fact that CCHS cares so much about seeing our students succeed drew me here. I wanted to be a part of a team that is dedicated to students and believes in the same goals as I do.” 

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends he also enjoys reading, riding his bike, being outdoors, and cooking.

If you have any other questions regarding history or you just want to know more, you can find him in room 316!