Are Stanley’s Worth The Hype?

This article will be about my personal review over Stanley Cups as a whole, along with going over a bit of history. (And a couple cheaper alternatives.)
Are Stanleys Worth The Hype?

William Stanley Jr. - WikipediaStanley Cup History:

In 1913, a man named William Stanley decided to invent a double-wall steel vacuum insulation cup. At that time, there WERE double-wall steel vacuum cups, but they were lined with glass instead of metal. While they did the job of keeping your coffee hot, they were quite easily breakable and expensive, being $150-$200! If you were to break your valuable cup, replacing it would be genuinely difficult.

That being said, William Stanley made his cups durable AND was worth the value. The reason William Stanley wanted to make this cup is because he wanted to keep his coffee hot all day while he was working. (Rumors say.)

My personal review:

Stanley IceFlow | 30 oz Flip Straw Tumbler

I recently purchased a 30 oz Stanley IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler. I purchased this version of the Stanley cup specifically for convenience. I find it more convenient than the ones with a handle on the side of the cup. Not to mention, the Flip Straw Tumblers don’t spill, unlike the usual tumblers you see going around.

I dropped my cup on the ground recently, not on purpose, and it ended up leaving quite a bad mark on the bottom of my cup, along with the sides being scuffed. I was a bit disappointed simply because I had recently bought it and it was already messed up, but also considering the fact it didn’t seem as durable as I thought previously.

Either way, the cup is still in decent condition, it works well, I love the color, and I enjoy the fact it comes with a built in straw that’s part of the lid. Solid 8/10 in my opinion. I give it an 8 because it’s +6 for still working after I dropped it, for convenience, and for being cute. Then, a +2 for the color because I love the cute color.

Total price:

I purchased this Stanley cup on the official Stanley website. The IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler alone was $35. I decided to add customization to my cup, which was an extra $12. (It felt a little pricey just for a really small engraving on my cup, but I didn’t care at the time.) Plus tax and shipping, I paid $56.59!

Cheaper Stanley alternatives:

simple modern stanley dupe with handle and straw
Simply Modern Tumbler

While looking into Stanley cup tumblers more, I was able to find a handful of “dupes” that are not only cheaper, but considered about the same quality as the Stanley brand.


  • Simply Modern 40 oz Tumbler (with handle and straw): I’ve seen this cup around on the internet, being considered THE Stanley cup dupe. There are over 21,000 positive reviews and it comes in a lot of cute colors. It’s cheaper AND great quality as I’ve seen from many people. Currently being sold on Amazon for $29.


40oz Insulated Stainless Steel Glass Mug With Handle And Straw Lid - Perfect Reusable Water Bottle Travel Mug, Suitable For Iced Coffee And Tea - A Great Gift For Women And Men! | SHEIN USA
Shein Bottle
  • Shein’s Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle With Straw: A lot of different shopping websites have made or offer cups similar to the original Stanley, like Shein. If you were really needing a super cheap Stanley dupe, check Shein! The cup is cheap, has great reviews, and comes in a few different colors. There are a few different cup options that sell for different prices, but the cheapest one I could find was on sale for $7.95 with the original price being $15.00.


Ozark Trail Tumbler
  • Ozark Trail Stainless Steel Tumbler: I’ve seen a couple people who owned this cup. The Ozark Trail Tumbler has overall good reviews, and can be bought from Walmart and Amazon (likely other stores I haven’t seen yet too). On Amazon, the cup is worth $23, but worth a LOT cheaper at Walmart for $15. So if I you’re looking for this cup specifically… GO TO WALMART!


BJPKPK Tumbler
  • BJPKPK Insulated Tumbler: Something handy about this cup is that it’s got a sip opening AND a straw opening (which is so cool). For example, if you feel like sipping out of your cup, just take out the straw and use the opening part. If you feel like drinking out of a straw, put the straw in, simple! And of course, like most of the cups on this list, there’s lots of cute color options. There are 30 oz and 40 oz options available on Amazon for $14.33 (30 oz) and $17.39 (40 oz).


Cafezi Tumbler
  • Cafezi Tumbler (top handle, not side handle)

Similar to the IceFlow Stanley tumbler I purchased, the Cafezi Tumbler has a leak-proof lid, good reviews on Amazon, is a brand you can trust, and has more than just colors to choose from! They have plain colors along with designs such as floral, sunflower, stripes, butterflies, leopard, mothers day themes, and more! This tumbler is worth looking at, and is available on Amazon for $19.99-$27.99. The price varies because of the different design options, so the price will vary depending on what you choose.


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