Prom 2024 – A Night Under the Stars

Here’s my personal review of this years prom along with interview answers from students!
Prom 2024 - A Night Under the Stars

My personal review:

This year was my VERY FIRST Prom! The only other school dances I’ve gone to were homecoming dances, which was pretty alright both of the times I went. In both years that I’ve gone, they didn’t have a selection of drinks or snacks, which people, including myself, would have liked. That being said, this year, they finally made the decision to add some snacks to a school dance. I saw some cookies, mints, chips, cosmic brownies, Cheez-Its, fruit snacks, and they had a large cooler full of water bottles with the option to add flavoring to your water, which I personally LOVED.

One specific thing I wish were different is the decorations. I felt as though the place needed something to really make it stand out. You can tell they tried, but I wish they did a lot more. All in all, I think the dance was alright. Solid 7/10. Was boring after a little while, but I enjoyed dressing up and hanging out with some friends.



Prom Opinions:

I interviewed a good handful of students around the school who attended prom to observe what they thought of prom this year! Here’s what they said:

Stacia Pigford: “Pretty dead and boring. The songs were alright.” (12th grader)


Gemini Ritchie: ‘I had fun, I hung out, played games, and spun around in circles to see who would pass out, but nobody passed out.” (11th grader)


Caleb Runkle: “Prom was pretty average, I got to take a breathalyzer test as a welcoming. 10/10 welcoming. We ate a lot of cookies which was really good and I took names in Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart.” (Him and his friends brought their Nintendo Switches.) ‘The dance part was weird, most of the dancing was kind of lame. A lot of people stood there and didn’t do anything. But all in all it was okay.” (12th grader)


Myla Wilson: “Overall, 4/10 because there was food and drinks but the DJ was wack and it wasn’t enough space. Decorations were were poorly planned.” (11th grader)


Blair Borlinghaus: “I don’t think it was worth the $20 I spent on it. It wasn’t bad but they could have done better.”


Kenyon Burns: “It was alright. It was boring after a while.”


Cristal Opara: “I thought it was fun. The DJ didn’t know what he was doing. Overall, a 6.5/10.” (11th grader)


Marissa Northway: “It was fun! I think the students made the dance fun. They all definitely participated. I just didn’t like the DJ.” (11th grader)


Layla Hess: “I think it was too short. It got pushed back. The music was fine though. I thought it was decorated cute.” (11th grader)


Bryan Burton: “It was smooth. I’ve seen better Proms, but it was good here. The DJ was playing some family get together kind of music, then started playing bangers. It was cool. They need to turn the lights off completely though. In general, it was alright, I had a good time.” (11th grader)


Mackinzie Bunton: “I enjoyed it, I had fun. They could have done better music and they could have had better snacks.” (11th grader)


Cristian Rodriguez: “I feel like I would have changed the dance area into the gym instead of the hallway. Change the playlist as well. I feel like it was a little too similar to previous years. Good songs, but change it up.” (11th grader)


Sydney Carroll: “I really liked how it was out in the open. Would have been better in a different place than in the school.” (11th grader)


Josh Hallam: “It was boring.” (11th grader)


Alena Huynh: “Lowkey, it was fun. I just wish they had better snacks. They had a photo booth, but not a cute photo booth. Sadie’s was 10 times better. It would be nice if they had a slow mo camera that spins around and if they had more activities at the function. It would also be nice if they put in more money to have prom at a different venue.” (10th grader)


Anonymous person: “I thought it could have been a little better. It could have looked less like a school and more like a dance. There’s no tradition, so there’s not something for them to look back on. It was sad to see people walk in and leave 30 minutes later. It’s hard for a young school to have a tradition, which is what prom is.”



Altogether, people generally agreed that Prom could have been better than it was. While it was enjoyable for most, it needed some improvements. For next year, hopefully more people will enjoy Prom, and I wish everyone a good rest of their year!

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