Q and A: LaFlamme Masks

CCHS Junior Maddie Laflamme and her Grandma, Deborah Delap- Laflamme, are handmaking masks to help stop the spread of Covid-19.


Sophia Bruce

I recently interviewed Maddie LaFlamme regarding she and her Grandmother, Deborah Delap-LaFlamme, making masks together to help the stop of the pandemic locally.

Sophia: Why did your Grandma start making her own masks to sell?

Maddie: My Grandma started making masks because she is a seamstress and she used to make little girl’s pageant dresses. When our family needed masks last March when quarantine started hitting hard, she decided to find patterns and make them with fabric and pipe cleaners around the nose.


Sophia: Where does your Grandma specifically make her masks?

Maddie: She makes them in her sewing room in her house.


Sophia: Was it easy to start making masks together?

Maddie: She already knew how to sew a lot of things, so it was easy for her to pick it up quickly, and she learned by looking at a mask she wanted to make, and took it apart.


Sophia: If someone wanted to start making masks, how would you recommend they start?

Maddie: If someone wanted to start making masks, I would recommend getting a pattern for the masks, cutting them into 2 pieces and sewing them while putting something in to hold your nose (like a pipecleaner), and using elastic to tie around your ears.


Sophia: Has creating masks with your Grandma created a stronger bond between you two during the Pandemic?

Maddie: This has definitely created a stronger bond between us, I go over and help her all the time and we like looking and picking up fabric together.


Sophia: Where do you and your Grandma sell the masks you make together?

Maddie: My Grandma sells them downtown at the store Southbank.


Sophia: How much do the masks normally cost?

Maddie: 5 dollars.


Sophia: What are some of your favorite patterns or masks that you and your Grandma have made?

Maddie: We really like the pleated masks, or the “3D ones.”


Maddie LaFlamme and Deborah Delap-LaFlamme sell their masks at Southbank in downtown Jefferson City, and by purchasing a mask from the LaFlamme family you would be helping stop the spread of Covid-19 while helping a local business.

Thank you, Maddie and Deborah!