Workouts For Students: Food Recipes


Drew Cox

Alright on my last entry I gave you the base setup for working out and the plans that go along with it. This time I am going to be giving you some of my personal recipes for losing weight. Or you can just add this in your food diet, WHATEVER IT IS, I am going to show you everything that is low calorie and tastes so good that you might even go in for seconds.

Breakfast: Banana Toast

1 Or 2 Pieces Of Bread (75 – 145 Cal)
1 Banana (105 Cal)
1 Slice Of Butter (102 Cal)

  • First take that piece of bread and put it in a toaster.¬†
  • When the bread is fully toasted, take it out and put a slice of butter on the top, proceed to spread it across the whole slice.
  • Take the banana and slice individual pieces around the top of the toast.

Lunch: Salad Or Granola Bar

Lettuce (5 Cal)
Crouton (122 Cal)
Ranch Dressing (145 Cal)

  • Take your lettuce and water it out in a bowl, then hold your lettuce and dump your water into the sink after you’ve washed it. Make sure there is almost no water in your bowl for the best tasting effect.
  • Put around 7 Croutons inside of your salad to add some extra flavor.
  • Take your favorite ranch dressing and put it all around your salad in a circle motion.

Dinner: Steak

Steak (679 Cal)
Peppercorn Sauce, Poblano Sauce, Smoky Almond Sauce  (133 Cal Р200 Cal)

  • Cook the steak in any way you’d like, there are multiple ways to do so.
  • Shake the peppercorn sauce on the top of the steak after it’s cooked.
  • Add any toppings you’d like such as Homemade Spreadable Butter, Mustard and Garlic Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, etc. (Can add up to 200 calories)