Cultural Reset Playlist

Throwback songs that influenced a cultural reset.


Kalynn Meineker

As life goes on and pop music continues to gradually get worse and worse, this article looks back on the ones that are gone, but fortunately never forgotten; The ones that rocked our world only to leave so quickly. They left us feeling excited, thrilled, and content, but most of all, hurt. Hurt that we will never get this type of feeling from another in the future. They turned our world upside one moment and walked right out the next. And as time continues on our memories fade a bit, however, every now and then those memories come back, and when they do, it’s perhaps one of the best feelings. That deja vu feeling of sitting in the backseat of your parent’s car in 2010 jamming to music on the way to who really knows where but that considerably didn’t make any difference. The only thing that mattered was Usher’s loud voice as he shouted yeah repeatedly. The moments may be gone but every now and then we remember. In memory to the ones we’ve moved on from, I present to you a playlist of songs that put our world into a cultural reset.


Track #1: International Love

Track #2: Crank That

Track #3: DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love

Track #4: Replay

Track #5: Give Me Everything

Track #6: Yeah!

Track #7: Yo

Track #8: OMG

Track #9: Fire Burning

Track #10: Whatever You Like