Valentine Gift Ideas Inspired by TikTok!


Sophia Bruce

I DEFINITELY believe in love languages. I think some people really need a lot of quality time in relationships, some people are more of physical touchers, some people need to feel loved by receiving gifts or giving gifts, so on and henceforth. I think, I’m a FUN MIX of all of them. But my favorite thing to do, is to give gifts. I love going shopping, or just going out and about really, and finding something that reminds me of one of my best friends and getting it for them because it makes me smile. However, Valentines Day can be a struggle to find gifts for. I personally really like making things, and TikTok has been an amazing platform that has given me great ideas for little Valentines for all of my friends + loved ones! In this article, you can hopefully find some cute ideas inspired by TikTok & me! Let’s jump in <3

  • Lego flower bouquet 
  • Letters + heart fingertip painting 
  • Chocolate covered strawbs 
  • The classic: Chocolates & stuffies 🙂


The famous Lego Flower Bouquet

I’ve been seeing this ALL over my TikTok for you page, and I’m not mad at it at ALL. I think it’s the cutest thing in the world, and I personally would cry if any of my loved ones and/or best friends got me the Lego Flower Bouquet. I really, really love flowers. I keep all of my flowers, press them and hang them to dry so I can gaze at them forever and ever. I have flowers from my very first ice skating performances dating back YEARS. I think, everyone loves flowers. (Including boys. Boys love flowers too. Don’t let them kid you.) The Lego Flower Bouquet is the perfect gift idea for that person who just really loves flowers. You get to build your own flower bouquet, and keep your Lego flowers forever, not having to worry about them wilting and eventually dying. This trend is pretty popular however, the Lego building set of their flower bouquet is currently sold out on But still, a really cute and fun Valentines gift for a loved one and/or a friend!


Letters + heart fingertip painting!

Another thing I love (in addition to flowers, haha), are notes. It can be on gum wrappers, on long pieces of notebook paper, in a scrapbook, I don’t care. I love looking at my loved one’s handwriting. Every time a loved one of mine writes me a little note, I take a picture of it to hopefully get their handwriting tattooed on me, which I think is the cutest thing. I really have gotten into sending and writing notes to my loved ones! I am a person who struggles putting my emotions into words verbally sometimes, and writing has always come super natural and easy to me. I love being able to write out my emotions and feelings on pieces of paper, and then being able to paint, color, or add glitter (my personal lil’ fave to do) to the note. Notes are a great, simple, and cheap gift to give a loved one and/or friend, that can last them forever! You can be super creative with notes and letters! I saw on a TikTok that you can take the pad of your finger, dip it in some paint and press it on to the note in almost a half heart shape. You can then fill in the rest of the heart shape, making a heart leaving your fingerprint as half of the heart. I will definitely be doing this idea, and I think it’s a super cute and fun way to get creative in showing someone you love them 🙂


Chocolate covered strawbs 🙂

From a very young age, I’ve seen my mom be my biggest Valentine. She was the driving force of Valentine’s Day in my house, she would always get me and my sister little Valentines stuffies and chocolates, and would tell us that we would forever be her little Valentines, even if we didn’t have our own special Valentine that year. For my dad, my mom would spend hours with us, decorating and making chocolate covered strawberries. Looking back, I think it’s the cutest thing in the world. Not only do chocolate covered strawbs taste AMAZING, but you can spend some time making them look pretty and amazing for you loved ones. AND, making chocolate covered strawbs isn’t that hard at all. You just dip the strawbs in some melted chocolate, and add whatever glitter and sprinkles you would like. A super cute and fun idea in opposed to going the more traditional route of buying chocolates.


The classic: Chocolates and stuffies 🙂 

As I’ve said, my mom has been my Valentine for YEARS. It used to make me really sad, seeing people at school have a cute little significant other to give special little Valentines to. My mom though, would always make sure that my sister and I knew that we would forever be her own little Valentines. Each year, my mom has given us cute little Valentines Day stuffies and boxes of chocolates (which as you know, go HARD. Literally the best chocolate I will ever taste IDC). It means the WORLD to me, and will be something that I do with my own kids in the future. I love those dang stuffies with all of my heart. Valentines Day stuffies and the cute boxes of chocolates in the shape of hearts always does the trick 🙂

For some reason, I’m really into Valentines Day frogs. I don’t know why, I just think it’s the cutest thing in the world. Don’t mind me hehe. 


I hope you guys found some ideas that you can use to give your loved ones + friends this Valentines Day! I know sometimes, Valentines Day can be sad, but Valentines Day can be super cute and fun. I love feeling like a little kid again, and giving little Valentines to all of my loves ones and friends like I did in elementary school. Valentines Day doesn’t have to be so MUCH about a significant other, it can be a great way to just show your love for whomever. <3

la fin. (the end.)