Favorite Kpop Songs!

A short list of great kpop songs!


Kalynn Meineker

Hi! Welcome to part two of a list of my favorite kpop songs! These ones are songs I’ve had on repeat recently and thrown into the never recycle playlist!

If kpop isn’t your cup of tea, I completely understand! If it is, or if you’d like to give it a shot, these are definitely the songs I’d highly recommend! 

#5: Cry For Me 

Cry for me is a song from the popular female group Twice, it was released in late 2020. The song represents experiencing heartbreak. It portrays someone who is still in love with their ex, and wants the other person to reciprocate the feeling, or at least display any sort of emotion. The vocals, the energy, and the emotion in this song are amazing! I fell in love the second I heard it!! It’s def a song to add to your playlist! After hearing this, I immediately had to start streaming all of the group’s music. Spoiler alert, it’s good! 

#4 Anti Romantic 

SLAY THE HOUSE DOWN HOUSTON IM DECEASED. TXT put their BACK into this one! lol. The popular BigHit boy group Tomorrow By Together released this song titled Anti-Romantic in the midst of 2021. The song is about a person longing for a relationship, however, still fearing one at the same time. It’s soooooooo good. The way the song was executed has me in tears. The melody, the bass, and simply everything about this song just hits differently. Even the locals were tuning in. Seriously, this song even started a TikTok trend. Brb, gonna go listen to it again! 

#3 OK! 

OK! by the well known boy group NCT was released in December of 2021. The song portrays the story of sending mixed signals in a relationship and being unknowing about what your partner wants. It describes a relationship not being as it was before. THIS SONG. THIS IS THE ONE. Words cannot properly express how bomb this song is. The flow is just too good. Maybe one of the best in the industry, you didn’t hear that from me though. Despite the meaning behind the lyrics once again the execution was TOP TIER and gives a whole different vibe. This is the song you scream in the car to. This will have the whole squad hype. 

#2 0X1=Lovesong 

This song also by TXT was released with Anti-Romantic in 2021. This song portrays the story of escaping a painful reality and finding love. I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO THIS SONG I WANT TO CRY. I think it’s their vocals that make me emotional. The song really isn’t even that sad either. See, I’m telling you, man, these songs do some weird stuff to you. Please listen, it’s amazing! It’s one of those songs to vibe to when you are alone!

#1 Fever 

This song was released in May of 2021 by a newer boy group named Enhypen. Fever introduces the feeling of wanting something so bad that it hurts. The feeling of being unable to grasp the thing you want and the pain that comes with longing. What else can I say except that they slayed. Every single one of the members absolutely killed this! Omg, and don’t even get me started on the MV, it’s to die for. I absolutely live by this song, go stream immediately!