Benefits Of Calorie Deficits And Calorie Surplus


Drew Cox

Today I am going to be sharing with you the benefits of both a Calorie Deficit and a Calorie Surplus. And which one might be better for you.

Calorie Deficit: A Calorie Deficit is used for cutting, if you are trying to lose weight, show more muscle, or just make yourself feel better. This is often used for people over 200 Pounds in hopes they can cut to 185 down to 165 MAX. Going any lower than that at the age of 16 can cause health issues. Personally, I have used this during the summer up until now in hopes to get to 165 on the scale. A calorie deficit encourages eating healthy as you need to have a dedicated amount of calories to meet per day. If you are used to eating junk food you will have to cut most of that off in a Calorie Deficit unless its a low calorie version or just low overall. Personally I would get the 90 calorie fudge popsicles as they are low in calories and it’s something I can just enjoy.

Calorie Surplus: A Calorie Surplus is used for bulking, if you are trying to gain weight, show more muscle or make yourself feel bigger. This is used for people who just got off a Deficit or are just trying to gain weight. A calorie surplus encourages you to increase your daily calories by 500 MAX. This is used for people who are trying to show their muscles more clearly. You cannot eat Junk food during a Calorie Surplus. That would be known as Dirty Bulking, and the effects can be different on anybody. I would suggest eating things in high protein during a Calorie Surplus.