Opening Christmas Presents Early


Drew Cox

This is a bit of a crazy one. But a few years ago I had permission to open any present of my choosing before Christmas. I made sure to go for the biggest present just to find out it was some clothes in a box! I got done playing for that one not gonna lie. I was so sad I remember opening it to be disappointed and my Mom was laughing. She purposely pulled all of these presents out just to make me mad. The next year she actually put legit presents under and I chose the small one just to find out it was candy. I mean I’ll take it because it’s better than some clothes.

This year I’m meant to get an Xbox Series S as I’ve asked for one. And I have been begging to get that thing early. So much so that my friends even got involved and are all asking her. She wont let me open the big present this time because she knows that I know which one is the Xbox. I can’t even shake them up and tell which are which because she won’t let me do that anymore. I’ve been trying to get a new Xbox because I need to replace my Xbox One S. When I preordered that console I expected to get it the second it was mailed to us, but my Mom just had to wrap it up for Christmas. Every day I get up and ask her “Can I have the Xbox early :)” of which she responds “no” or just ignores me.

Kids need justice by opening a present early before Christmas! Still to this day I bother her about that Xbox every chance I get. I’m just trying to play Modern Warfare 2 because last time I downloaded a Modern Warfare on my PS5 it almost blew up.