Winter Break Fun!


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Rylea Sanning

Winter break is finally here and we all have different activities we do over break. Some of us travel, and some of us stay home and visit with family, while others of us wait for loved ones to come to visit us. College students come back home to visit all their friends and family that they missed while being away the Holidays are a time for family and spreading, what do you do for the holidays?

I like to stay inside and come together with my family and enjoy the cold weather with board/card games while we drink hot chocolate and watch Hallmark movies, while giving gifts and smelling burning fireplaces. Watching the smaller kids open presents from Santa while we take pictures and enjoy the fun.

Some other families enjoy going out of town to visit their family in other states. or going on vacations to celebrate the holidays. like Colorado for the pretty mountains for Florida for the tropical beach.

In some places, religion is big for their holiday celebrations so they spend their time in church or giving back to the community, doing food drives and buy presents for children in need.

How will you spend your break?