Personal Hobby Feature: Madison Kempker


Bianca Vargas

Many people have many different hobbies or interests, some enjoy calm hobbies like drawing or gardening, others like video games and sports. Madison Kempker is a junior at CC who has picked up a hobby that is becoming more and more popular. I interviewed Madison over her new hobby:

Q: What is your hobby? How long have you been doing this hobby?

A: My hobby is reading, I have been reading since the beginning of  summer of 2022.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your hobby?

A: The different stories that each book has to tell. 

Q:What is something people would not expect comes with a hobby like this?

A: The knowledge of random things, a book contains so much that you can take anything from it.

Q: Does your hobby interfere with your work/study/personal life?

A: Yes, sometimes I get so into the book that I lack my school work, then it’s challenging to get back on track.

Q: Do you foresee yourself doing anything related to your hobby in the future: Say a few years from now?

A: No, I think i’m capable enough to think of the ideas to make up a story but not enough to write a whole book.

Maybe you should try reading and see what it brings to your life!