Personal Hobby Feature: Emma Kammeier


Saturn McIntire

Emma Kammeier is a sophomore at CCHS and her hobby is dancing.

What is your hobby? How long have you been doing this hobby?

“I have been doing dance for almost 3 years now. I do all different types of styles such as jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop. Ballet is more of a classical style that relies on engaging everything and lengthening. Jazz is more light and a fun type of style with a bit of sass. Lyrical is more about telling a story with ballet elements. Hip-hop is more street-like and fast paced.”

What do you enjoy most about your hobby?

“How freeing it makes me feel. When I go to dance practice, it’s like therapy for me. I feel refreshed after class. Dance really is a way for me to express myself.”

What is something people would not expect comes with a hobby like this?

“How much control and strength over your body that you have to have. How much strength you actually have to have to help you succeed and keep yourself safe.”

Does your hobby interfere with your work/study/personal life?

“Yes, Dance keeps me busy and sometimes I do end up behind on some homework or personal things but I always find time to manage everything and keep up.”

Do you foresee yourself doing anything related to your hobby in the future: Say a few years from now?

“Yes, I plan on turning this into an actual career. I want to become a professional dancer and then someday, open my own dance studio and become a choreographer!”

How did you get into this hobby?

“One of my close friends actually was the one who brought me into my hobby. She’s a dancer herself and she kind of just motivated me to do it and I’m so glad she did.”