NHS Students Volunteer at The JC Pantry

National Honors Society Holds First Volunteering Event


Katelyn Smith

Capital City High School has recently started a charter for the National Honors Society Program. Currently the program is open to sophomore and junior students. NHS is a club full of exemplary students dedicated to bettering both their school and community.

Capital City’s NHS held their first volunteering event as a chapter and assisted at JC Pantry. The JC Pantry is a non-profit food pantry with a bit of a twist. Instead of just giving out goods, they prepped pre-packaged meals where recipients can cook the meals themselves. Students were able to aid in the preparation by measuring out ingredients in different dishes for the community to enjoy.

It was a wonderful experience for students to get together and help others. One Junior in attendance, Kourtney Highfill said, “It was a fun experience and it was nice to do something that you know will help both people in need and the community.” Many in attendance had an amazing time and couldn’t wait to have another date to help JC Pantry.