Club Feature: Spanish Club


Saturn McIntire

Capital City High School has a lot of clubs and organizations such as Art, Theater, Speech and Debate and a variety of sports, but one of the most interesting is actually the newest club at Capital City, Spanish Club! Spanish Club was very recently started by Mr. Short, who is the club sponsor, and he also teaches Spanish in room 310.

What is the main purpose of Spanish Club?

“To have fun. We are gonna look at some cultural aspects, but its mainly to have fun and get students to not think about school for a little while.”

What sort of events will Spanish Club organize/participate in?

“We are going to celebrate the Day of the Dead. We just ordered t-shirts, and we plan on celebrating Cinco de mayo. We are still in the process of figuring things out because this is the first year this club is at CC. I have a few fundraising things I need to get approved, but it would be fun to go out to eat once a month, create piñatas, watch movies and play games.”

What is the allure of the club and why should students join?

“I mean it doesn’t get much better than playing games, eating food, and hanging out with friends. Everybody loves food, crafts and games.”

Is there anything else you would like to share about Spanish club?

“Join. We are going to have fun and I got some very good leaders this year so I’m very excited. The interest level seems to be very high, so that means we will be able to do more, but like I’ve been telling people, I need people! The more people we have, the more things we will be able to do.”