CCHS Girls’ Tennis Team on a Serious Streak!


Prinitha Sivaselvan

The CCHS girls’ tennis team is off to an excellent start this season after winning their first tournament playing against Hickman High School, JC, Rolla, Helias Catholic High School, and Lebanon. The team consists of 15 players, 6 varsity players, and 9 JV players. Early practices in the hot sun from the beginning of August are paying off! The team also won their second and third matches against Smith-Cotton and JC respectively. 

“So far the season has been going extremely well, ” Captain, Carly Carron said. “We started off with a tournament win and then a 7-2 win against Sedalia. I’m feeling very confident it’ll be a great year.” Carly is a senior at CC and has been on the team for all four years.

Here are a few questions I asked Carly about her Tennis journey:

How were you introduced to tennis?

Carron: “I played tennis off and on when I was growing up, but then going into high school I decided to just try out for fun. Then I fell in love with the sport.”

What mental health tool do you use under pressure??

Carron: “When I’m under pressure I always like to take a deep breath and remind myself that I earned this spot on the team and I can do it. I also really like trying to take the pressure off myself and mentally give it to my opponent.”

Where is all the energy needed to play tennis coming from?

Carron: “I try to make sure I’m drinking at least a gallon of water a day to stay hydrated, and I try to eat a lot of protein since we burn so many calories at practice and games. I also try to have either fruit snacks or something with sugar before a game so I can have high energy. ”

Do you have any plans after Graduation?

Carron: “I am undecided on my plans after college but will definitely go to college. I don’t plan on being on a collegiate tennis team because I really want to focus more on Academics.”

How does being a senior and the captain of a sports team feel?

Carron: “I feel like one way or another I’ve always been the captain of this team. I’m the only girl that’s been there for all four years and was one of the founding members. I’ve always loved being close with the coaches and having a leadership role on the team. It’s very sad for this year to be my last year playing tennis but that just makes me want to work harder and have this be the best season possible!”

Who or what would you say was the reason behind your success? 

Carron: “As an individual player I can definitely say that I would not be as good as I am without all of the support of my coaches and family.”

Advice you have for aspiring athletes, something you want to say to the CCHS students.

Carron: “The only advice I would want to give to aspiring athletes is to just do it. If you’re thinking about trying out for a sport just go out there and try your best and you might surprise yourself.”

What’s the most memorable event that happened in all these years of playing tennis?

Carron: “The most memorable event has got to be being the first team ever in Capital History to win a district title. That was one of the best nights of my life.”

“It just felt too great to see all of our hard work pay off.” 

First team ever in Capital City History to win a district title!!! That’s a huge accomplishment! It’s important to give them the recognition they deserve. Show your support and appreciation to the tennis team by going to their matches this month. The team has two big tournaments and several matches that will go on till the 28th of September. If you are interested in watching our team play, look at the schedule below and