Capital City Theatre Improv Night 2021


Olivia Kucsik

This past Friday, Capital City Theatre hosted their inaugural Improv Night! Improv Night was planned in lieu of a formal play. Improv is a form of theater in which the performance is unscripted. Typically, performers receive suggestions from the audience; this adds spontaneity to the performance. The event was free for friends and families of the performers to attend, with donations accepted. The group of performers ranged from freshman to juniors in a collaborative team whose performance consisted of various improv games that were completely unscripted.

Shelbi Ritter, a freshman attested, “Learning the process of improv taught me a lot of teamwork and communication skills, everyone was super nice and it was a positive environment.”

Coming up in this May, CCHS Theatre will be hosting an additional event, a Monologue Night. This event will be composed of various CCHS performers both with personally written content and chosen from various plays.