Junior Working Two Jobs


Bianca Vargas

High school is difficult as we know it, but everybody knows that junior year is the hardest year. It’s impressive how students manage having a job and going to school all at the same time!

Madison Kempker is a junior who works two  jobs and still manages to keep up with school.

“Where do you work?”

Madison: “I work at a gym called Studio 573 Fitness on weekdays and I work at Dairy Queen on weekends.”

“Do you enjoy working at your jobs?”

Madison: “Yeah I actually do because I have very fun coworkers and both of my bosses are really nice and lovely. They make it worth going to work.”

“How do you manage both school and work?”

Madison: “It’s a challenge, but the gym I work at allows me to do my homework as I work. At dairy queen I get to see my friends and we get to chat a bit if we are not busy.”

“What advice would you give someone who is looking for a job?”

Madison: “Don’t work at a place you really love, because you’ll end up hating it. It can get really draining.”

 “Which out of your two jobs do you like more?

Madison: “I prefer working at Dairy Queen, because it is more productive, there is always something to do.

“Why did you get a second job?”

Madison: “I got a second job to have more money that I can save up in order to move out, and also to just make more money.”